Did You Know

Assurance of security – using telephones

  1. 1. Crime Stoppers’ phones do not show the caller’s number; they show “Caller ID barred”
  2. Crime Stoppers does not tape calls
  3. It’s your decision whether to leave your name or not
  4. Dial 1800 333 000

This is because your information is more important to us than your identity. Of course, if you are willing to tell us your name and contact details, that’s even better, but it’s your choice. If you leave your details the investigating police may discreetly contact you as their investigation proceeds.

Assurance of security – using the internet

Report crime online here: www1.police.nsw.gov.au/crime_report

Sharing crime information online is secure.

What happens to your information?

Your information is assessed by NSW Police Force intelligence analysts and sent to the relevant local area police for investigation. The information you supply may form the final piece of the puzzle or alert police to the existence of a criminal or crime.


  • Never give callers personal information. This includes your bank account details, no matter where they say they are calling from.
  • If a caller tries to upset you, hang up and report it to your phone company.
  • If you feel the call may be a scam, you can report this to SCAMWATCH on 1300795995 who will take a report of your incident.

What’s in it for you?

A safer community for NSW

  1. Removing criminals from circulation
  2. Police and the community working together
  3. A community that’s active in protecting itself
  4. Raised community awareness
  5. Personal satisfaction, by doing the right thing
  6. Rewards of up to $1000 if your information leads to an arrest, may be paid*

Thanks to information received from the public, we help solve a crime every 11 HOURS, in NSW!

*The NSW Crime Stoppers board oversees the program and approves reward payments.