Graffiti Smart

“Be Graffiti Smart”

In response to the seriousness of graffiti vandalism, NSW Crime Stoppers developed and recently launched an awareness campaign called ‘Be Graffiti Smart’ where home owners are encouraged to learn about graffiti vandalism, ways to maintain their property and how to report graffiti vandalism to police. NSW Crime Stoppers has listed a number of prevention measures for home owners to implementin order to keep their properties free from graffiti vandalism. These include ways home owners can be more “graffiti smart”, maintaining their properties and reporting graffiti to police to mention a few.

CEO of NSW Crime Stoppers, Mr Peter Price said,” This unique awareness campaign encourages and empowers home owners to be “graffiti smart”, to identify graffiti offenders and to report graffiti vandalism to local police”.

NSW Crime Stoppers hopes to encourage the community to become involved in the eradication of graffiti vandalism by contacting the police, on 131444 (Police Assistance Line) if you are a victim of graffiti. This will help facilitate prompt graffiti removal and therefore prevent further graffiti in your area. If you have information relating to graffiti vandalism, know of persons responsible for graffiti in your area, or require additional information, please contact NSW Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.