Protecting our children

In June, 2018 a 12 year old girl was walking to school in the Newcastle area. On route to school she was kidnapped and taken to a nearby park where she was sexually assaulted a number of times by a male person not known to her. These serious sexual assaults were committed upon the young child for many hours prior to her being let go at a nearby train station. Newcastle City conducted a media release asking for community support in relation to the identity of the unknown male offender. As a result of the media release a call was received at Crime Stoppers on the 14th June, identifying a male person and vehicle. On the 16th June this male person was arrested by police and his vehicle seized. He was consequently charged with 11 offences including kidnapping and serious sexual assault offences. After his arrest a further six information reports were created by Crime Stoppers in relation to the accused person and his behaviours/movements.