Drug sales and social media

Information was supplied to Crime Stoppers that nominated a POI who was involved in the supply of prohibited drugs. The POI was utilising Australia Post and closed Facebook groups to sell the drugs. The investigation into the activities of the accused and his involvement in the supply of prohibited drugs. The Accused utilises Facebook to advertise the sale of MDMA, cocaine, methylamphetamine and steroids. The Accused advertises the sale of these drugs in large quantities up to kilograms. The Accused directs customers to utilise encrypted messaging application ‘Wickr’ to place orders for prohibited drugs. Numerous controlled operation identified the POI utilising both the mail system and social media platforms to facilitate the supply of prohibited drugs. All three were placed under arrest. Their vehicles were searched, and $240000 cash was located in hidden compartments. Also located in the co-accused car was 630g cocaine. A subsequent search warrant located a further $27,400 in cash, vials, tablets and powder – suspected to be steroids. All three were bail refused.