Crime Stoppers (NSW) partners with free community register to tackle bike theft

With advancements in bike technology and some bikes now worth more cars, bikes are hot property, not just for bike lovers, but for thieves.

Bike sales are sitting at $1.2 million annually and this year has seen the demand surge by 60% compared to last year.  Much of this has been brought on by COVID-19 with people wanting to move around in a COVID safe way as well as seeking a safe form of exercise for families.  This demand has led to a shortage and put bikes on the radar for thieves to sell in the buoyant used bike market.

Crime Stoppers has partnered with BikeVault and Bicycle NSW to help reduce theft and increase the chances of stolen bikes being recovered.

BikeVault – a national online bike platform originally launched in 2015, is a free community service where bike owners can store their bike’s details. So, in case it’s stolen and recovered, the bike can be tracked and returned to the owner. Combining the forces of industry Crime Stoppers works with the Police, bike owners and the wider community – to expose and defeat the illicit trade in stolen bikes.

Additionally, when buying a used bike, you can check to see if the bike you are buying is stolen property, ie. chain of custody.

In the unfortunate event a bike is stolen, online support can assist owners in finding their bike and increase the odds of its recovery by police.  A major part of bike recovery it’s the online community which helps bring awareness to the stolen bikes by having spotters who trawl for and report stolen bikes found for sale online and at less reputable retail premises.

The power of an informed community cannot be overestimated.  Prior to the launch of this register, stolen bikes were easy to sell for quick profits with perpetrators having little fear of the stolen bike being identified and them being caught.  Removing the pathways to safely sell and profit from stolen property is the ultimate deterrent to profit driven theft.

A resident from Westmead, Dave, had his bike stolen from a locker whereby the thief used a crowbar to break it free.  “I entered my bike’s details on Bike Vault and the Police portal. Several weeks later, someone saw my bike for sale, realised it was stolen and reported it.  Thanks to the Police and the online community I managed to get my bike back.  I would recommend anyone who owns a bike to make sure they register their bike’s details.  You will have a much better chance of having it recovered”.

“We want to encourage all bike owners to use this free service for your bike, increase its identification to deter thieves and make it easier to recover.  If you are thinking of buying a bike check online before you purchase a bike to ensure it isn’t stolen and please report stolen bikes.  With the community working together we can prevent and reduce crime in our community”, said NSW Crime Stoppers, CEO, Mr Peter Price AM.

Crime Stoppers, BikeVault and Bicycle NSW will be working together on a dedicated campaign to garner a groundswell of community support and action to reduce bike theft.

More information or to enter your bike’s identification details can be found at:



For more information:

NSW Crime Stoppers: Public Affairs: Cecelia Haddad: 0411 264 948


About BikeVAULT

BikeVAULT part of the PropertyVAULT suite of free to use asset registers is the leading national online platform to combat bike theft – providing digital lifecycle asset identification and ownership protection.


About Bicycle NSW

Bicycle NSW is the peak advocacy body for people who ride bikes in NSW. Its mission is to: Create a better environment for all bicycle riders.