Confidentiality disclosure

In providing information to NSW Crime Stoppers (Crime Stoppers) your identity can remain confidential and have details relating to your identity and the identity of others that you provide (Confidential Details) treated as confidential, unless:

  • it is determined by Crime Stoppers that there is a public interest in the disclosure of the Confidential Details to law enforcement agencies (including the NSW Police Force) due to a clear and imminent risk of criminal activity that potentially involves personal harm, injury or death occurring to an individual or group of individuals;
  • any part of the Confidential Details is required to be disclosed by any law or process of law, or to be disclosed to any court, tribunal, governmental or regulatory authority which is entitled to require disclosure of such information; or
  • you have provided your consent to the disclosure of Confidential Details to the NSW Police Force or other law enforcement agency.


Disclaimer regarding Crime Stoppers Licensees

New South Wales Crime Stoppers Limited (NSW Crime Stoppers) and any of its affiliates including State and Federal Police organisations and other law enforcement agencies licenses sponsors and third parties to use its Crime Stoppers brand.

NSW Crime Stoppers has undertaken all reasonable endeavours to ensure that these licensees are of good repute.

However, NSW Crime Stoppers does not provide any warranty, guarantee, promise or representation in relation to the goods or services that these companies provide, nor does it endorse these products or services. Consumers should rely upon their own inquiries in this regard.


Warning regarding copyright

The entire content of this website including the Crime Stoppers logo (“Logo”) is protected under the Copyright Act (1968). You must not download, copy or otherwise reproduce the Logo or any other part of this website without the express consent of Crime Stoppers. Any unauthorised use of the Logo is also likely to be a breach of the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) as well as the Trademarks Act (1995) as the Logo is a registered Trade Mark.

Crime Stoppers views any misuse or unauthorised use of its Logo as a serious offence and will not hesitate to take whatever action is necessary to protect its rights and the rights of the public who may be misled by such conduct.