CCTV leads to quick arrest


Crime Stoppers is issuing a warning and reminder.

If you were planning to head out of town for the holiday season then you should review how well your home and contents are protected from would-be burglars.

December 7, 2015: A Hunters Hill (NSW) resident’s CCTV security footage was sent, via the Cammy web app, to their smart phone of an “intruder alert”, they immediately called the Police and also emailed the visual verification to Police, who dispatched 4 vehicles and within an hour the perpetrator was arrested.

The mother of five, who prefers to remain anonymous said: “ it was gut wrenching to see a strange man standing in our yard and then in our living room. He also went into the kids’ bedrooms. I called the Police (triple 000) immediately, they were extremely attentive and once I confirmed I was actually watching the whole thing unfold on my phone, they responded with haste.”

The family had all their stolen items recovered and Police also found items belonging to other local residents in his possession.

Crime Stoppers has been a long time supporter of “Cammy” which offer an app to capture motion detected movement footage via photo stream (as distinct from live footage) in the Cloud. As only movement is tracked and when it is set off their no NOISE alarm, only the customer knows that the alarm has been triggered so they can alert Police.

Mr. Peter Price OAM, CEO of Crime Stoppers (NSW) said “Crime Stoppers was proud of its record in partnering with the community to receive anonymous information on crimes which helps save precious Police time, and working with was another significant contribution to assist law enforcement efforts and improve community safety.

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“CCTV has long been a weapon against crime, but until now it has been cost-prohibitive for the average Australian. With the Cammy App, the comfort of CCTV is now available to every household and business at minimal cost or even no cost if you use existing cameras,” said Mr. Price.

“It will make the offenders of property crime think twice – if they are being monitored then they will be caught.” App which is free and accessible online 24×7 from iTunes and GooglePlay.

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates there are around 350,000 domestic burglaries annually (2011), with the NRMA estimating the cost to NSW alone is around $37m each year (2009-2010). This does not include property damage to cars, graffiti on walls and fences, or the theft of warehouse-stored merchandise.

Contact: Peter Price OAM, CEO NSW Crime Stoppers on 0487 333 000