Aggravated Sexual Assault

At 11pm on Sunday 11th of November 2018 a 51 year old female was walking along a walking track in Lighthorse Park, Liverpool. A male person has then approached the 51-year-old female and punched her in the head and face about 15 times. The male person has sexually assaulted the female. The female was able to scream for help at which time the male person has decamped from the area. Assistance was sought from the public in relation to the identity of the male person.

Seven separate contacts to Crime Stoppers were received nominating the same male as the person of interest. It is further outlined in the fact sheet that the male suspect also contacted Crime Stoppers indicating that he was the person of interest in the related media release. As a result of this information the nominated suspect was arrested by Liverpool police on the 24th November, 2018 and charged with ‘Aggravated Sexual Assault’.